The Voyager Data Pack 1.16.5 (Bring Wandering Trader to The End)

Creator Devon Huge
Version 1.16.5
Date Added 2021-05-06
Size 15.98 KB
Minecraft Version 1.16.x

The Voyager Data Pack expands the universe of Minecraft Vanilla by adding additional features.  As it specified it can be used on the vanilla version only. It brings wandering traders to the end. You can now encounter a new type of Wandering Trader known as the Voyager. Instead of trading with the usual Voyager, you will encounter a brand new kind of Wandering Trader named the Voyager with this bundle. This voyage will take your game to a whole new level. 

When you come across The Voyager, it’s supposed to be gratifying, but not to the point where it interferes with your typical gaming advancement. So no need to worry about your typical gaming as it will still remain the same. The trades have been calibrated to prevent the most lucrative deals from being abused by restricting the number of times you may buy them.

In addition, the Voyager offers a variety of essential trades for exploring the End’s islands. So now voyager will also provide you with more advantageous traders.  Once you begin playing the game, you will notice additional new features; however, only use this on the vanilla edition. So download it and start your adventurous journey and have fun!

How to install
Method #1
1) Navigate to your .minecraft folder by hitting “WindowsKey” + R, then typing %appdata%.
2) Open .minecraft and find your Saves folder.
3) Drop this zip file into the ‘datapacks’ folder of your world.
4) Reload your world and you’re done!

Method #2
1) Hit Create New World at the Minecraft main menu.
2) Click ‘datapacks’.
3) Click and drag the TRUE SURVIVAL zip folder into the Minecraft game screen.
4) Select TRUE SURVIVAL by clicking the arrow. The icon will move to the right side of the screen.
5) Create your world and you’re done!

1) Rapphire for making the custom item textures!
2) Resolution from my Discord server for introducing Rapphire!
3) To all the people who helped test and give feedback!
4) To the Politiscape lads. May you never see a ghast again.

For Minecraft 1.16.x

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