Item Hunt Map 1.16.5 for Minecraft

Creator Lumesio
Version 1.16.5
Date Added 2021-04-07
Size 13.28 MB
Minecraft Version 1.16.5

Item Hunt is a minigame/PvP map created by Lumesio. On this map, there are three big zones for both little and large battles (2-4 people) (2-4 teams). The objective of this map is to collect as many points as possible throughout the course of a game. You may steal points by killing your opponents. Activate several random occurrences in the options to make the game more entertaining. Collectible things serve as point representations. This game has five different levels. A flurry of items appear all around the arena as soon as the game starts. The player must seize the products in order to get additional points. There are five items worth one point, two points, five points, ten points, and fifteen points, respectively. As a consequence, if you want to defeat your opponents, you should focus on the item with the highest level initially. In single-player mode, the top 15 players are displayed on the right side of the scoreboard. The total amount of points in team mode is equal to the total number of players on the squad.

Item Hunt Map


  • Please do not attempt to play on any other version as it may not operate properly.
  • Make sure the Render Distance is set at 12 or higher. So, how long are you going to wait? Download it right now!

How to Install :

  • Download the map from the link below.
  • Extract the file you have just downloaded.
  • Hold down Windows key, then press R keyon the keyboard (or you can click Start, then type Run into search, after that click Run)
  • Type %appdata%into the Run program, then press Enter.
  • Open .minecraftfolder, then open saves
  • Drag extracted map folder which you have done in step 2 into saves
  • Start Minecraft, the map is in Singleplay mode.
  • Enjoy and Play.

Item Hunt Map Minecraft 1.16.x

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